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Default Re: ATI (AMD) and nVidia slapped with class action lawsuit

Originally Posted by Amaury View Post
i find this lawsuit ridiculous. these graphics companies can charge whatever the hell they want for their products. hell, any company should be able to charge whatever they want. that's what a free market economy should be. the market will ultimately decide what they price their products for. unless we are talking about commodities, like food and gasoline, which should be protected, we are talking about f__kin graphics cards. i wonder who started this suit. a bunch of losers who can't afford a $600 graphics card. i hate hearing about lawsuits like this. i love our country but our judicial system, especially these $hark lawyers, suck.
The case doesn't even remotely question that companies can charge what they want. The suit alleges that both companies conspired to keep prices high to profit them. That's not what a free market economy should be.
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