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Default Re: Circuit City Banner Ad

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
I dout he makes revenue only from people who purchase things from the link on the ad. If he did he would make almost nothing from them. These ads are probably off of views insted of clicks. Google's ads are based off clicks.
Do this, go to the Main nVNews page and look in the upper-left corner and you'll see where it says Shop Online. Then put your cursor over the the little 120x120 picture ad/link and at the bottom of your browser in the link that it displays you'll see nVNews' MasterID number. If you were to click on that Ad and purchase the video card or whatever Ad happens to be there, he'd get revenue back. You can click on the Ad and not buy it and he won't get a dime. Look at any of nVNews Pricegrabber links and you'll see the same thing.
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