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Default Re: ByeBye GTX280, Hello 8800GTX

Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227 View Post
I meant when you boot up your computer and you login. I think Nvidia control panel is more organized, especially profile manager.
On initial boot, it takes about 4-5 secs to load. After that, it is almost instant. It only uses 3 megs of mem, so no issues there. They have come along way with CCC. As far as I can see, they both load up fairly equally. Not sure about the profile setup. When I had my 8800GT, I never used the profile manager in Nvidias control panel, as I always used Nhancer. The CCC profile manager takes a bit longer to setup than Nhancer, but I am not rushed when I am gaming. No biggy if I lose 15 seconds of my life setting up a profile. The one thing I really do miss over my 8800GT is the SSAA modes, not that the GT could handle certain modes some of the times.
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