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Default Need some upgrading advice.

The retail prices here for the 260/280 has dropped dramaticly and now i can buy 2x Asus GeForce GTX 260 896MB "TOP" GDDR3 650mhz for less than the initial retailprice of 1x GTX 280.This tempts me a great deal but i'm trying to limit costs here a bit so i will stay with my current mobo/ram and upgrade cpu/gpu/psu instead.

This mobo doesnt support the newer intel quads so i'm considering the 8500 dual core instead(supported through bios upgrades),with that i hope to hit ~4ghz for 24/7 use.So what do you guys think ? Is this a wise upgrade-route considering the fact that i wont change mobo/ram this time ? I's it cost effective ? I'd say this will net me around 1500$,would it be wiser to buy one 280 instead or will these 2 cards make enough of a difference to warrant the 260 sli choice ?

Im considering one of these two psus for this,Corsair HX1000W and the slightly more expensive ZALMAN ZM1000-HP.Will less be enough ? I've never gone the sli route before so i'm unsure of what i need,i know that Revs runs a similar setup,if you read this please comment
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