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Default 100% Fan or Do You Want Earplugs With That?

So I've been tooling around with Precision and clocking my 260s upward... they're both Vanilla versions, but I've been able to push the clocks up to that of the EVGA 260 FTW version (666/1107) however while it performed fine in Grid and Vantage with Auto fan speed, in DX10 Call of Juarez eventually I saw what appeared to be 'minor' graphic anomalies.

So I tooled around with the fan and found that if I want to keep at the FTW speed I need 100% fans. But man is that loud!? Especially with two of these suckers going full tilt.

I was able to clock them to 626/1053 which is one step down from the FTW in EVGA's line, which is still good, and leave the fan on auto - but I left a profile with 100% fan for vantage epeening. The difference in actual gaming between those two speeds seems to be very minor.

Anyway, my question: Do most of you running high clocks have to use fairly aggressive fan speeds to maintain them? Also, is there a way to change the auto fan-speed adjust, or is it built into the card's bios?
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