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Default Re: ByeBye GTX280, Hello 8800GTX

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
I've never used supersampling since most hardware I've had took such a significant hit in performance with it. And running the 48** series--I don't see why it would be needed, anyway. With Edge-Detect (24xAA) set in the driver, there isn't a jagged edge on anything. And I'm averaging over 60fps on Oblivion in Crossfire with 24xAA, 16xAF, and quality adaptive(transparency) AA with all settings maxed, including grass.
The nature of Super Sampling means it will also affect textures where as Multi sampling and even Transparency/Adaptive AA will not. It's largely memory bandwidth limited, but I do wonder how a GTX280 handles it since it does have quite a bit of bandwidth. Far more than the previous cards. 2xGTX280 SLI would probably be far more adept at it though. And because SS affects the whole scene, it will affect Alpha Textures making AAA/TAA a bit redundant.

Nvidia cards have up to 16xSSAA, but that's a setting that's not needed in most situations unless you're doing 3d rendering. The subjective edge AA benefits at higher resolutions are very small, but that's the case with any form of AA. The benefits to textures and Alpha textures however can be noticed more easily.
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