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Default Re: 100% Fan or Do You Want Earplugs With That?

Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
I have yet to get mine over 80 with the fan running on auto. I think the max it has gone was around 60%
Yeah, with my fan on auto I don't think it's even reached 50%... I think 46% was the top. But I'm thinking it's the RAM, and having the fan on 100% will force air across the entire board and cool the RAM (which is why I'm wondering if people who overclock their cards usually run the fan between 80-100%).

Originally Posted by LBJM
my 8800GTS (G92) fan at 100% is louder than the gtx 280 at 100%
I don't know if I would mind so much if I only had the one card, but I have two and both of them at 100% is actually pretty loud. Not a huge deal if I have a game turned up, but late at night when I want to game I can't pump up the volume for fear of waking everybody up.

Originally Posted by SLippe
Kaguya, as for raising the Core, but not the RAM clocks, just know that most of your performance gain will be from the Core, not the RAM, so always raise the Core Clocks first, then the RAM when overclocking your GPU(s).
I've never been 100% sure of how to properly overclock a GPU, since CPU overclocking you're usually pushing the entire FSB and not really separating the CPU/Memory clocks. So if I was to pump the GPU to say 700 but leave the RAM at around 1066, that won't be too uneven? I guess I just wonder whether having the core going so fast yet having to wait around for the RAM may just waste cycles (which is usually why I copy the speeds of known cards like the FTW since I imagine the ratio between the GPU and RAM that EVGA figured for that card would be optimal).
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