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Default Re: Need some upgrading advice.

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
260s in SLI would be significantly stronger than a single GTX. And you wouldn't need anything more than a 750W quality PSU to run them with.

I might would hold off on the CPU upgrade until you get a new board. I doubt you'll hit 4GHz on an 8500; I remember that board of yours being really quirky when it comes to OC"ng. I used to own it if you remember. In addition, Intel's new X58 is on the horizon that will support SLI.
Yup but you owned the hybrid chipset version with 650 nb if i remember correctly,this one is 680 throughout.Ive heard mixed reports about how they do with the 8400-8500 cpus,some have been successful with approxx 4 ghz.I would settle for 3.8 though,a 600 mhz oc should be feasable i think.Same as you i had tons of 680 issues but this current board/revision i got replaced in may last year has been good sofar,no instabillity issues as of yet.Decisions like these are damn hard to make,its just that now with the massive price drops to counter ATI's offerings this looks like a good deal.I know the smaller process is on the horizon,but will they be as expensive as the initial price for the current 200 series ? Sometimes you end up having to pull the trigger but i'm not yet completly sure what i'll buy.
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