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Default Re: Is the 200 series a whole new architecture?

Originally Posted by ChrisRay View Post
The main changes to the GT200 and G92/G80 include

1) Better texture sampling efficiency
2) More cache for improved geometry shading., This area is huge. The increase to GS performance is staggering
3) Fully exposed MaDD + Mul operation per shader. The G92 can do it under certain limited circumstances. And the G80 is even more limited. The Gt200 turns it on for everything. Other hardware has to be specifically tuned.
3) Increased shader registry space.

If you look at the medusa demo. It uses significant amounts of geometry shading. And the results show when comparing the G92 to G200. The G200 is to the G92/G80 what the G7x was too the NV40.

I wonder Chris, will Nvidia use their DevRel to push for more games to use GS now that the GTX2xx cards are much better at it? How much of an improvement in GS performance are we talking about and is there a 3d test that we can use to measure as such?
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