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Default Re: EVGA Geforce GTX 280 419 after rebate

Originally Posted by hemmy View Post
BS, this is total user preference.

I have owned tons of video cards and I can say that is just not true.

no the 2D is not BS not even close. Put a Nvidia card and a ati card in identical rigs and hook them to the same monitor and I can tell you what one is what. Its not hard really theres a distinctive color and sharpness difference. Then again any Maxtor will take the crown so I guess it goes Maxtor, ATi, Nvidia as far as 2D goes. Personally the Matrox Millennium P650 has the best 2D I have ever seen to date!

Originally Posted by mythy View Post
Some positives
1) better 2D quality (I guess you'll never belive this one...)
2) better color reproduction (Don't believe me buy a spyder and check the calibration your self!, Proven!)
3) better video decoding (still winning the HQ video bench to date, Proven!)
4) better multi display configs (ok my opinion...)
5) better performance (R700 stomps GTX280, Proven!)

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