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Default Re: GeForce 2xx series owners, join the NvNews Folding team (35216)

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
Hey schuey74, how many PPD does your GTX280 generate?
I'm not exactly sure. I went from four smp clients on two C2Qs @ 3.2 to three smp clients and the GPU client. It's only been a few days, but my daily average has already gone from ~6k to 9k and climbing.

And until I got the 280 I hadn't been gaming much so I was basically folding 24/7 since I didn't have to turn them off for anything. The GPU clients (when @ 100%) slows down the whole system so I'm not running it while gaming or doing any graphic intensive work. I think that once I settle in to my usual routine this card will probably get close to doubling my folding output. So my educated guess on the daily output when running almost 24/7 would be 7k - 8k just for the 280.

And btw, it rocks for gaming! I really love it!!!!
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