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With that said, though, it probably won't happen. The big difference between NVIDIA and ATI is that NVIDIA does not manufacture and sell their own cards, so they are not directly responsible for support. However, since most OEMs just include straight reference drivers with their cards, I don't think it would be a bad idea at all for NVIDIA to start a dialogue of some sort with the community regarding its drivers (and a beta program would be excellent).
Didn't they handle the making of the 5800Us (and 5900Us)??


Taken from NVIDIA's support page.

We do not sell any products directly to end users so we do not have a staff dedicated to end-user technical support. If you are having a problem with any NVIDIA-based product, please contact either the PC or board manufacturer of your product.

For this reason, I can understand why NVIDIA's folks don't "haunt" message boards. I can seee more where ATI would do this because they actually sell products with their corporate name on them and provide phone/e-mail/return support.
Popy****. Were do 99% of all drivers come from? I understand why they do this but I find it a big cop-out.
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