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Default Re: RE 96.43.07 (legacy) for Linux x86/x86-64 released

Originally Posted by macemoneta View Post
Well, AMD/ATI and Intel drivers work with Fedora 9. Nvidia policy is that they won't provide a driver for pre-release X. Only Nvidia's customers are impacted. It sounds like the Fedora developers are right - if you want drivers that can keep up with the pace of Linux development, use AMD/ATI or Intel hardware.

It's not a slam on Nvidia developers, it's a slam on Nvidia's policy that doesn't reflect the realities of a Linux development environment.
The new ATI open-source drivers are far from ready yet, you can use the binary ones. Perhaps in time I'll move towards ATI/Intel, but for the time being this: seems to be a good summary of the state of Linux graphics.
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