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I have the Creative Geforce FX 256mb 5900 Ultra version which is the reference design board. I think that I might be getting that flickering problem too? When I'm in Vietcong and I look up at the sky I see a flicker, first I checked what hz refresh rate I had my Sony 24" monitor at and it was 65hz so I thought oh that is the reason why so I changed it to 85hz. Now I don't really notice any flickering but people are saying that it happen a lot more in some games then others.

I can still return my Creative card so do you think I should for the Asus one. The Asus one does look a lot better having a blue PCB board and cooper heat sinks with two fans.

Also what are cards are better for cooling the reference design with just one large fan or the non reference designs such as Asus's card with two fans?

What would you do if you were me?
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