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Default Re: RE 96.43.07 (legacy) for Linux x86/x86-64 released

Originally Posted by gstaniak View Post
The new ATI open-source drivers are far from ready yet, you can use the binary ones. Perhaps in time I'll move towards ATI/Intel, but for the time being this: seems to be a good summary of the state of Linux graphics.
You're right, it's horrible. On the ATI and Intel video machines I have, I install Fedora and without touching any config files everything just works. Compiz, video playback, Linux 3D games. I don't know how people can stand it.

While technically the article is correct, I don't think most people care. The machine works, they don't have to futz with anything, it does what they want to do, it looks good.

The open source drivers are getting better every day, too. For the 95% of users that just want things to work and look good they are already there. For the 5% that want to spend their days manually tweaking configs so they can get 10 more fps out of a Windows game shoehorned onto Linux, stick with Nvidia.
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