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Originally posted by Anthaus
Hold it, buddy.
We're not discussing if it would be morally acceptable or not to modify that image. I just want to know if its possible. I want a splash screen. I use it. But I would like to have something a little bit more sophisticated besides my GDM login wallpaper.
You're misunderstanding what I'm saying.

If you want a different splash screen, just do this:

1) disable the nvidia driver splash screen
2) get or draw some cool image that you want to be your new splash screen, and put it in /path/to/something.jpg
3) find some program that does nothing except displays an image in the root window for some number of seconds and then exits. writing a script to do this is pretty trivial given a utility to put an image on the root window, the name of which escapes me at the moment.
4) run that program in gdm's init script, passing it /path/to/something.jpg as the image to display

Then, when you start gdm, it will display that image for a few seconds, and then replace it with the wallpaper and pop up the login prompt. You have almost exactly what you had before with the nvidia driver splash screen, only now you can pick your own image and length of time to display it.

This is why I was asking why you care which program is displaying the image. If for some reason, having the nvidia driver display some nvidia image makes you feel so much more warm and fuzzy inside than having a shell script display the same image does, then this won't work for you.
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