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Default Re: RE 96.43.07 (legacy) for Linux x86/x86-64 released

Originally Posted by macemoneta View Post
You're right, it's horrible. On the ATI and Intel video machines I have, I install Fedora and without touching any config files everything just works. Compiz, video playback, Linux 3D games. I don't know how people can stand it.
OK, OK, spare the irony. I'm not able to test everything myself, so I have to rely at least to some extent on external opinions. If what the guy wrote is factually true, I'm going to take my time as far as migration to Intel/ATI is concerned - sorry, I just can't know when the problem is "getting 10 more fps out of a Windows game shoehorned onto Linux", and when it's more like "your favourite game will freeze sometimes without any apparent reason". I work as a systems administrator and use Linux extensively, but as far as desktop is concerned, I just want things to work. I don't have time for investigations in case of problems. Until this xserver-1.5.0-pre fiasco nvidia drivers worked without even a hint of a problem and had been very reliable in every respect for me, and I'm of course a bit reluctant to experiment.
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