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Default Re: Downclocking issue a Vista problem?

Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
Only happened to me once, and I was stuck in 2d no matter what after that. I had to reboot to get things back right.
Same thing happened to me in Grid. I was playing, things were going fine, then I decided to see if there were any better drivers available and when I went to the fire/hire driver menu, it turned into a slideshow and I noticed my clocks were at 300mhz. I eventually crawled out of the menus to find I needed to reboot to get it back up. Haven't played Grid since, so don't know if it's a constant issue, but I did play Grid a lot before without a problem - irritating for sure, but not chronic for me.

I did notice while playing Titan Quest last night, though, that the clocks would go down to 400mhz while looking at my character inventory screen or some other menu, which I find odd because there is still 3D going on around the screen... the gameplay though didn't seem to be affected, which made me wonder if it was really downclocking or if precision was making mistake. The Grid downclocking was extremely obvious, but in TQ it wasn't. And it would eventually pop back up to 666mhz after I started to run around for a few minutes.
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