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Default Re: A few questions for recent GTX 280 owners

Originally Posted by saturnotaku View Post
It should be. The eVGA GTX 280 I initially bought was from the early batch that had problems. I did an RMA through eVGA directly, and the new card has been working fine. If you buy one online, there is still a chance that it could be one of the early units, so make sure you get it from someplace like Newegg that has a good return/exchange policy. Otherwise, hold on to your invoice and deal directly with the manufacturer.

Never heard of this. Are you talking in general, or is this about the 60 Hz thing that's been present since Windows 2000? I just tired 1024x768 @ 75 Hz and it worked fine.

The general rule of thumb is that you want to avoid using any sort of power adapter(s) with these cards. I have an OCZ GameXStream 600W, which has a 6- and 8-pin connection, and the card works great. If you don't have the proper power connections, you might want to consider investing in a newer PSU.

Biggest problem right now, aside from overheating, is the card throttling its speed in 3D applications for no apparent reason. We have a sticky on that issue here, and apparently NVIDIA is aware of the problem. A fix is allegedly on the way, but that was discussed a couple weeks ago. There are workarounds you can employ with RivaTuner.

Personally, I would go with an eVGA board because when you register the card, you can buy their advance RMA service. For about $10-19, you can get a replacement card shipped to you first, and eVGA will pay shipping to send the old/defective card back. I picked the standard overnight RMA, which I think was $17. When you submit an RMA, it takes a day or two for them to process and ship the replacement card, but that's still faster than you having to send in your card first and wait for them to ship a replacement. It was a pretty hassle free process, all things considered.

As far as i know card doesn't throttle. Never happened to me.
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