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Default Re: Preferred gaming envrionment?

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
you have fallen for the bait
Bait? I speak the truth. Assassin's Creed ran like Assassin's Crud in DX10 for me. WIC is passable but still significantly slower than DX9. Every other DX10 game I've played is the same story. I tried just about every driver but the results vary little.

The 320MB model is the lowest of the 8800 series I believe, so perhaps that explains it, but then again I'm not asking for a whole lot when I try to run DX10 so I dunno why I can't seem to run it with acceptable results. Whatever the case, I've never found it viable to run a DX10 executable over a DX9 one. It seems pretty obvious to me DX10 in this card generation is reserved for the high end.
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