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Default Re: I have one question...WTF is folding?

Originally Posted by damianraver View Post
Please explain to me in non-computer language. I <3 computers but never too C++ or any other programming things. Sonehow learned how to build PC's from my bro.

So can someone explain to me what folding is?
Folding is simulated protein folding via computer calculations. This is done to see how certain proteins work, how cells work, how bacteria function, how the body heals, and so on. This takes tons of calculations, and proteins fold themselves millions of times, so it takes tons of millions of calculations.

The only way to do this many calculations is to either build a $100+ million dollar supercomputer like IBM's Blue Gene, or to distribute a small program that does a little bit of the folding to millions of computers over the internet. Folding@Home is this program. Essentially you are donating your proccessing power towards helping biology research.
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