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There's nothing wrong with overclocking. It's simply a matter of getting the most out of the rig you paid for. If it's your box, and you fully understand the methodology and implications of your actions, then it's well within your rights to do with it as you please. Nobody would sweat me if I was to light my box on fire and watch it burn to the ground, so why then do they suddenly care when I overclock? It's no different than driving over the speed limit, or taking a friend with you so you can use the carpool lane, or making a modification to your engine to get a little more performance out of it. You are old enough to own a car, right?

~~And now for the much anticipated, fun part~~

You, my friend, have what we call an inferiority complex. You see someone with the ability to prove you wrong with a simple statement, and suddenly the whole world is against you. Do us all a favor and get off your soap box, put the pipe down, grab a beer, and just relax for a change. Just because you don't have the cognitive capacity to get the upmost performance out of your machine, doesn't mean that the rest of us are cheating for understanding and embracing such a daunting concept as overclocking. Get a grip man. If I can break 10k with a Radeon 8500, and your only getting 11.7 with a 9700, there's something seriously wrong with either you or your rig (or both).
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