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Default Re: Nvidia 260 GTX ot ATI HD 4870

Originally Posted by zer0 View Post
why limit the power(10-15fps advantage) he can buy for his money($300+)? what if someone gives him or he buys a 22" or a 24" lcd next month?

i don't get the logic here.
On the other hand he could decide to get a X38 or X48 MB and get 2 4850's but I have no idea what system he has.

How long will he have his current system?
How long till he upgrades his monitor and what size?
How long will he want to use this video card?
How does he feel about Crysis? Is it the only good game ever made? Is the drivers whats holding ATI or Nvidia back or is it the game is a total hog? Will GAS ever get below $3.00 a gallon?
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