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Originally posted by Flavius
Wow, thanks Nvidia. Granted, this problem should not have been allowed to exist begin with, but Nvidia's stance on this issue is SO much better than ATI's stance on their own "rolling lines" issue! I bet you its related to the 4-pin power connector, since the only way to fix the flicker is to remove that connector. THE GOOD NEWS in this, is that most likely NV38 will resolve this issue, since they probably caught it in time. If not, NV40 for sure. Hey Nvidia, care to send me a sample reference card for NV38? I will test it for you on my system and return it to you with my results! I kid you not! Where's the NDA, I'll sign!
You are not correct (at least not 100%). As I noted earlier, the flickering does appear even if you unplug the power.

Maybe a fix for you and others, but certainly not me.
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