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Default Re: Nvidia 260 GTX ot ATI HD 4870

Thank you guys for voting and giving me much details.

I was looking at the results this morning and the ATI was in great lead but now in the afternoon Nvidia is gaining votes too.

Oh sry I didn't write down my current specs:
Gigabyte GA - X38 - DQ6
Intel Quad Core
4 Gb OCZ DDR 2
550W PSU
Creative X - Fi Titanium PCIe
8800 GTX (dead)

I saw that someone posted that I had top of the line card - and that is exactlly what I wan't now.

I can't go with the 280 GTX because I would have to replace the PSU but I won't be satisfied with the 4850 either even if 4870 won't put out much better performance at res I'm gaming.

So it's basiclly 260 GTX vs hd4870 I just can't decide yet.

From my previous experience with ATI (had 3) was allways worse than with Nvidia. I mean ATI had horrible AA performance in the past and Nvidia allways kicked a**.

Now this is also one of the reasons I don't want to go back to ATI.

I'm making this too complicated I just need to hear from someone who can say that 260 GTX and hd4870 are worthy succesors of 8800 GTX.

Because I don't want to step down from the performance level 8800 GTX was giving me.
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