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Originally posted by volt
You are not correct (at least not 100%). As I noted earlier, the flickering does appear even if you unplug the power.

Maybe a fix for you and others, but certainly not me.
OMG, excuse my ignorance, but I can't believe this thread exists!

I had major rolling line issues with my Visiontek GeForce2 Ultra. I exchanged it for another one, had the same problem. I got a refund and tried a Guillemot 3d Prophet II Ultra. Same problem there...

The thing that bugs me is that this is still an issue for nvidia, and even on the newer cards apparently! The problems I experienced with the GF2 Ultra seem like ages ago and yet here some of you are dealing with the stupid rolling lines crap.

What in hell is going on over there if this problem is still around?

I haven't had any sort of 2d interference, rolling lines or otherwise, since going with the 9700. I'm not saying ATI is perfect, believe me, but this is absolutely astonishing to me that this rolling lines bologne is still happening.
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