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Originally posted by Flavius
Hahaha! The 9700 and 9500 had TERRIBLE rolling lines problems. I returned a 9500 Pro for that very reason. And the rolling lines issue is totally different from the flickering issue. My flickering 5900 did NOT have rolling lines like my 9500 Pro did. Two separate problems. And it hasn't been around since GF2. My GF3 and GF4 cards are ROCK SOLID with no rolling lines and no flickering!
Must be your system

I've never seen rolling/flickering on any of my systems. Ti4600, R9700p, Tyan G9500p.......... 22" iiyama & 19" cornerstone monitors....all AMD systems, all P/S are 420w +

I doubt there's a connection, but a lot of Sony owners report a shimmering?
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