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Default Re: Nvidia 260 GTX ot ATI HD 4870

So it's basiclly 260 GTX vs hd4870 I just can't decide yet.

From my previous experience with ATI (had 3) was allways worse than with Nvidia. I mean ATI had horrible AA performance in the past and Nvidia allways kicked a**.
The 3000 series for ATI was horrible at AA performance, which caused it to fall further behind. The 4000 series, though, has superior AA performance even over NV parts. Look at the poll results, and once you realize that you're at NVnews, that's a landslide. The HD4870 is a better card than the GTX260, and will cost less as well.

I'm making this too complicated I just need to hear from someone who can say that 260 GTX and hd4870 are worthy succesors of 8800 GTX.

Because I don't want to step down from the performance level 8800 GTX was giving me.
Worthy successors? Step down? Trust me, you have nothing to worry about The HD4850 soundly beats the 8800GTX in performance. The HD4870 and GTX260 flat out kill it.

Um his card is DEAD. So he needs a card. Should he buy an el cheapo card and wait? I know I would not be happy doing that even for a month.

+1 to the 4870 from me.
CV - Look at his monitor, he can't run over 1280x1024. The main thing a few of us have been saying is that with an HD4850, he's still getting an upgrade over the 8800GTX, but can save some money towards a monitor.
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