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Default Re: Nvidia 260 GTX ot ATI HD 4870

Originally Posted by BrianG View Post
Yeah, I got to looking. I found a 12% Reward Zone coupon so I can run down to the Best Buy, get the 4870 tomorrow for about the same price with tax as Newegg. Plus, I can try it to see if I can dig and take it back with in a couple weeks. I may have a new toy tomorrow evening. I never follow through on rebates. Oh, and its a Visiontek, so lifetime warranty.

I had been thinking of getting a new mobo, 2x2GB and a new case, maybe even mATX, but why? I have a great case, solid performance from this mobo/memory/CPU combo to last until mainstream next-gen quads and DDR3 comes down in price.

I even got a wife approval by using her logic. I told her the memory mobo and new case would have been $100 more than the new video card, so I am saving money by buying a new card. HAH!
LOL! Mention "bargain" to my wife, I'm good to go.

Tax free weekend here in MA, second week in Aug I think. That plus reward zone = new toy for grey, maybe 2 of them....
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