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Originally posted by Flavius
Are you sure? 3 other people besides me said the problem goes away if they disconnect the extra power. Is your flickering even lessened when you remove it? Are you sure your refresh rate is higher than 75Hz when you're testing this?

If it doesn't get worse when you move the mouse around (try that in a menu or something) then you probably don't have the same issue we do??
There seems to be a little confusion with the term "flickering" here.

To me, there are two (or more) types of screen flickers: refresh rate flicker and quivering (flickering we are after in this case). What we are looking here for is that second thing

On "healthy" cards running even 60Hz there is no such thing as flickering / quivering we have seen here.

Yes you will see the screen "flicker" but it has to do with the monitor able to handle x number of signals per second. There seems to be no correlation between refresh rates and the flickering we are trying to solve.

I have never considered refresh rate flickering as a problem since it is easly solvable. On the other hand, flickering I have described in my earlier post cannot be taken care of just by setting the refresh rates higher than 60Hz and / or unplugging the 4-pin power connector.

I hope this makes it clear
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