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Originally posted by Solomon
Doesn't nVidia learn from their mistakes on this issue with their previous chipsets? Does nVidia even have a Q&A department? Seeing this come up time and time again tells me they have a real poor Q&A department.

D. Solomon Jr.
I don't quite understand your position here.

I have never, ever experienced any sort of flickering (described in my above post) with any of the NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards except for NV35 (and I've had quite a few). Again, there seems to be quite a big confusion when we first raised the issue of "flickering" here at nVnews.

I can't agree with your comments here, and I can bet that what people thought was a screen flickering was only a refresh rate flickering.

Now that I got everyone confused, we should redefine the symptons. It would be much easier for the users and NVIDIA (for the future).
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