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Default Re: Nvidia 260 GTX ot ATI HD 4870

Originally Posted by Jas28 View Post
I would have to say the GTX260. I have owned both. I would say that Ati has better hardware this round. But what killed it for me was the drivers. Dont get me wrong, most things worked perfectly fine. But I had a few problems that drove me crazy. No matter what you do, AA won't work in Mass Effect. I had tons of problems with Age of Conan. AA would only work with World of Warcraft if you either turn off Catalyst A.I. or set it to application other small issues. Also, to get the card to idle less than 80c you have to go in and edit an overdrive profile. I know these are simple things, but they should also be simple for Ati to fix, who doesnt seem for fix hardly anything in their monthly updates.

So, I would say....ATi = Better hardware with O.K. drivers... Nvidia = Better software with very good least in my opinion.
I do not have Mass Effect to comment on.

WoW has been fine for me with Catalyst AI both off or on with AA maxed.

AoC also ran fine (relatively speaking because the 8 year old engine blows) while I had it. I had way more issues with my 8800GTS-320 in AoC than my 4850. I had extremely bad texture 'pop' with the 8800 and none with the 4850 (I didn't see any and quit playing very soon after). By 'pop', I mean that the textures would come in blurry with no filtering enabled.

You must not have had old NV drivers cleaned out or something.
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