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Default Re: Nvidia 260 GTX ot ATI HD 4870

Originally Posted by nvToni View Post
I also read something with the heat issue fix for the 4870.

So what is the first thing that I would have to do if I would get 4870 to fix the fan problem? Is the solution permanent or do you have to set it up everytime you start up your pc?
What fan problem?

My 4870 idles at 80C and loads at 85C. That is how it is designed. I cannot hear the card. That is also how it is designed.

Power usage wise it sits in 8800GTX/Ultra and original 9800GTX territory. So that's not a big deal.

I DO think it's great how little power at idle the GTX 200's use. Definately a little plus there. But little. I mean really. 25 to 30 watts lower power usage at idle is not going to save the polar bears.

People will first have to stop driving SUV's and Mustang GT's and get rid of any monitor bigger than 19" long before ~25 watts is going to make a difference. That and not watch TV on anthing bigger than a 32" LCD. Ya. Like that's going to happen.

I guess the equivalent would be unscrew that little bulb in your fridge to compensate? Hahaha.

Thermally speaking though, in my Antex Sonata III case, the 8800GT (eVGA Superclocked Edition) and the 4870 run within the same thermal envelope and the whole thing is a little blown out of proportion.

I extensively tested temps on both cards. Keep in mind here to that the 4870 expells air out the back of the case and not into the case like all 8800GT's.

8800GT - 75C
HD4870 - 80C

8800GT - 90C
HD4870 - 85C

I have confirmed these temps with people running Alpha dog edition 8800GT's as well.

Running hacks to the BIOS or a custom profile in CCC really will only benefit the overclockers amoung us. Then that is another story.

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