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Originally posted by volt
I don't quite understand your position here.

I have never, ever experienced any sort of flickering (described in my above post) with any of the NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards except for NV35 (and I've had quite a few). Again, there seems to be quite a big confusion when we first raised the issue of "flickering" here at nVnews.

I can't agree with your comments here, and I can bet that what people thought was a screen flickering was only a refresh rate flickering.

Now that I got everyone confused, we should redefine the symptons. It would be much easier for the users and NVIDIA (for the future).
No offense, but just because it hasn't happened to you doesn't mean it's not happening. If you look at some the responses here it seems a lot of people are having the issue. Apparently nVidia believes it's one too if a PR person is asking for help. If it has happened with GeForce 2 like the above person stated. (Yes this same very incident with rolling lines did occur with GeForce 2). Something is wrong with the cards filtering.

Has anyone who "has" the rolling lines issue tried a pure DVI to DVI connection with a LCD monitor? Would be interesting to see the results. Because we all know the "refresh rate problem" doesn't occur on LCD monitors.

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