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Originally posted by rmonster
No, Soloman is right. The flickering/rolling lines/etc problem was well documented with the GF2 Ultras. In fact, it was likely a contributing cause for Creative pulling out of the US graphics market, iirc.
I recall numerous people complaining about the rolling lines issue with the GeForce 2. The complaints started dying off with the GeForce 3 and 4 when the topic wasn't really talked about. Now that nVidia has brought up the rolling lines with the FX, I would seriously start questioning the proccess of how they manufacture cards. It doesn't take a genius that most to all vendors aren't changing anything from the reference know a days with the exception of maybe 1 or 3 vendors.

It sounds like a interference issue. For *****s and giggles I would try to remove the install plate (the one you screw to support the card) see if that is causing any interference. Plus someone try the TV-Out port... Since you can basically turn your TV into your monitor. It would be interesting to know if the TV-Out port has this same issue with rolling lines. If we can start eliminating certain situations. I'm sure it'll be easier to determine what's the problem.

I still think nVidia needs to do better Q&A if this has become a regular occurance with their chipsets since the GeForce 2 GPU.

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