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Default Re: Nvidia 260 GTX ot ATI HD 4870

Originally Posted by particleman View Post
I have a 280GTX as well as my 4870 crossfire setup, and it doesn't generate nearly as much heat in idle as a 4870. It's not just that it's fan runs slow, it just plain generates a lot of of heat in idle, hence the reason they heat a room so much in idle. A 280GTX throttles itself down to 300Mhz and the ram down to 200Mhz when idle and drops the voltage, that is why the idle power consumption of the 280GTX is so much lower than the 4870 idle. This is also why it generates less heat than a 4870 when idle.

Under load the 280GTX easily generates as much heat as the 4870. The problem with the 4870 is that it is constantly generating a ton of heat even when just sitting on the desktop. ATi needs to get PowerPlay working.

Yes but what about when you're in Vista and with Aero ON?

I was thinking of adding this to my system if I get 4870 ---
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