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Originally posted by Siskods9
That's correct Solomon...
Ouch... So far it seems to target Analog monitors. I haven't read in this thread nor the other thread that this problem occurs with DVI LCD monitors.

Since you are the only one responding so far. . Try this experiment when you have the chance. Run your TV-Out connection to a TV and disconnect the VGA plug (so you are running strictly the TV-Out). It would be very interesting to know if the TV-Out has rolling lines. If it doesn't. Then we can at least point the problem to the A/D converter or the filtering between the connectors to the RAMDAC.

When using the DVI connector on a DVI LCD we know it by passes the necessary filters to convert to a digital signal. But when using the VGA connector we know it converts the signal from analog to digital. Personally I think it's something with the A/D conversion circuitry...

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