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Default Who all has nforce2 lockups?

I have been trying my best to identify why Linux 2.4.21 kept locking up on my new Abit NF7-S board. My system rarely runs five minutes without it completely freezing. I have had it run a few hours under light load, but as soon as I start copying files, buring a CD, etc, I am guaranteed to have it lockup in a minute or two. Even doing an fsck after a rebooot from a previous system freeze results in another lockup. Here is what I pretty much determined so far:

Ensured power supply and all components were good. Even replaced power supply because some voltages were close to marginal, but still in spec. Now all voltages are nearly right on. (Thanks to an Antec Tru550 power supply). Loaded Windows 2000 (and all device drivers) on a partition and ran two different stress test programs on the system for three days straight without any problem at all.

Now back to Linux. Disabled ACPI, didn't load nvnet, used a promise IDE controller and not the onboard one. Pulled every card but the video card, rebuilt the kernel with different patches and options (too many to list here).

And now after three weeks of beating my brains out on this, I have found nothing that helped even a little bit. I can make this puppy lock up in a heartbeat.

One possible solution is to use the test 2.6.X kernels. Someone that has just as many lockups as me that tried pretty much everything I did plus others I didn't said that this is working for him.

So has anybody out there have a solution to this for the 2.4.X kernels. If not, please post your finding so maybe we can get this fixed.
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