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Default Re: Nvidia 260 GTX ot ATI HD 4870

The last ATI card I had before this one was 1900XT. I don't remember the idle temp but that card sure was noise and ATI got lots off criticism for that. For me it was the first card I decided to replace the cooler.
This time ATI decided to go the quiet way and some people still not happy.
Most people report the idle temp on HD 4870 at about 80C my is 74C a lot depends on the room temp and the case airflow.
Now I'm sure the idle temp is no problem for 24/7 2D, otherwise ATI would go for slightly higher fan speed at idle.
It's not like the HD 4870 has any overheating problem like many GTX 280 owners experienced.

Anyway the Profile Fan-Control Hack works perfectly for people who prefer lower idle temp.
Probably ATI in the next driver should include few fan settings options in CCC, to stop all this unwarranted worries and criticism.

My vote still goes for HD4870
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