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Default Re: Nvidia 260 GTX ot ATI HD 4870

Ok one more question I have to ask.

If we look at the 9800 GTX it also had 512 Mb of memory and only 265 - bit bus and this is where the real downfall of the card compared to 8800 GTX was. I mean there was no reason to go from 8800 GTX to 9800 GTX because it was a step back.

Now ATI is doing the same but a lot more efficent - now I'm not so into all this high tech stuff so I'm asking how can they achive this (because of DDR 5)?

The more I'm looking at the results the more 260 GTX is gaining - he he this is getting very interesting.

First I have to say I really was / am for the 4870 but now I'm also thinking of 260 GTX.

Can someone tell me if there are any problems with the 260 GTX (temps, any other) and do both of these cards have ventilation through the back of the case or is any card designed similar to 8800 GTX's design where hot air blew inside the case?

Thx for all your patiance.
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