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Originally posted by Solomon
If it has happened with GeForce 2 like the above person stated. (Yes this same very incident with rolling lines did occur with GeForce 2). Something is wrong with the cards filtering.

D. Solomon Jr.
The rolling lines issue with the GF2 Ultra is NOT "this very same incident" as this issue because the "rolling lines" were visible in 2D as well as 3D. This issue is not rolling lines....I would describe it as a pulsating effect that could be descrived as flicker...either way, a $500 graphics card should not have such issues.

I also have to agree with Volt with regard to your statement about nVidia's QA. If this issue was as noticeable or widespread as it appears now that hundreds of users are using them, why didn't veteran hardware reviewers pick up on it? Could it be the issue is not 100% reproducible by EVERY user and is much like a bug in a piece of software that happens to get by QA and beta testers only to be discovered by some users among the masses? If you think nVidia's QA actually saw such a thing and did not report it, then how did the hardware reviewers miss it? Never saw a single mention of it in a review until this week when the issue has been widely discussed.
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