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Default Re: Anyone see the new Lich King talents?

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
I don't play WSG. I'm in AB or AV or world pvp.

No, druids run from everything because the vast majority of druids do not have skill. They are completely relying on their classes huge advantage over almost every class. When I melt a druid I completely cannibalize them and dance on their body. That pisses them off to no end. I do this because I rarely can beat a druid 1v1. Shadow priests like me have it tough enough as it is. Give me a rogue, warrior, lock or mage and I can melt them but pallies, druids and shammies usually eat me for lunch. Hunters are tough to but I am about 50/50 with them. If they get the jump on me I most likely will lose. Its cool cuz SP are the second hardest to play in BGs, Warriors are the hardest until they get good gear. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about how hard my class is to PVP. I like it this way. I think we are well rounded.
I think the only one that claims that druids have a huge advantage on killing things is alpha, and he plays a feral. A druid has been a hard class to kill when they where speced resto, it has always been this way. They will not kill anyone but the really dumb ones. maybe you should l2p

ps: I play feral and balance, which neither are PvP gods, and I gave up PvP before TBC because I got bored with it.
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