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Originally posted by netviper13
Hmm, since it kinda goes along with several posts in this thread, here's my question: how can I get ahold of nVidia to ask a question about their drivers? Ever since the early 4x.xx series drivers, DVD playback has been disabled on my card, and after reading around it seems nVidia blocked the playback on non-Macrovision certified cards with TV-out because of a bug in DirectX 8. Obviously the problem should be nonexistant now, but the driver issue still remains. Contacting the manufacturer does nothing because they're not in charge of nVidia's drivers.
if i recall, the new drivers detect if your card properly outputs macrovision protection scheem though the svideo.

What is macrovision? Its some special stuff you can put on video output to make VCR's NOT record.

It is LAW that all VCR's have macrovision chips in them, so protected content CANNOT be recorded. To prove this, take 2 vcr's and have one record the other, put in a store bought movie and the copy will be really dark.

now, DVD's have the same thing on it, but with most nvidia cards it did not out put macrovision code.

What this means, is that with a PC and a nvidia card that dosent put out macrovision, you could copy your DVD's to tape.

THe movie industry i belive forced nvidia's drivers to report if it dosent support macrovision, then the dvd players all have to not work. I think they sued or thretend or something, i personly think nvidia should of took a stand.......
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