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Originally posted by BigBerthaEA
If this issue was as noticeable or widespread as it appears now that hundreds of users are using them, why didn't veteran hardware reviewers pick up on it?
If you think nVidia's QA actually saw such a thing and did not report it, then how did the hardware reviewers miss it? Never saw a single mention of it in a review until this week when the issue has been widely discussed.
I read plenty of reviews from reputable sites before I ordered my Asus P4S8X motherboard. They were all pretty much glowing and I bought it in part based on the reviews I read, and there were several. That was an absolute disaster, and I was *far* from the only person who got a junk motherboard.

Never again will I trust in reviews. For me, I check abxzone first and read the threads. Only way to find the truth that I've found so far...
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