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Default PSU Issue (fixed)

Got my EVGA 280 a couple of days ago. I had a weird problem. 2D was fine but as soon as I tried to play a game, I could play for a very short period and then the monitor would lose signal to the vid card. Vid card fan would completely stop spinning. I could reboot and everything was ok until I tried to play a game again. I had the Antec 550 watt Neo HE and I thought it was up to the task (it ran my 8800GTX fine). I started posting in forums and some thought it was a weak PSU and some thought I got a bad vid card. I was really tripping out.

Then I said hell with it and bought a Corsair TX750w PSU (with single 60 amp 12v rail) to rule in or out the power supply. I fired up Mass Effect with it and played for over 1 1/2 hours with no loss of signal to monitor at all. It was the longest I have been able to play a game since I got the vid card (longest up to then was around 5 minutes, and the card was not overheating).

Looks now like the Antec 550 just couldn't handle this card. My first experience with a PSU that couldn't cut the mustard.
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