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Default Re: Anyone see the new Lich King talents?

Originally Posted by thor1182 View Post
I think the only one that claims that druids have a huge advantage on killing things is alpha, and he plays a feral. A druid has been a hard class to kill when they where speced resto, it has always been this way. They will not kill anyone but the really dumb ones. maybe you should l2p

ps: I play feral and balance, which neither are PvP gods, and I gave up PvP before TBC because I got bored with it.
I run out of mana way before a druid does. Maybe you should play a shadow priest some time instead of a easy class like the druid.

The only people that think druids are not over powered are druids.

I am a excellent shadow priest but druids, pallies and shammies eat me up and they are kinda supposed to. Also I never run away. I will stay and die. My kill to death ration doesn't mean anything to me. When I rez I get full mana and off I am to melt.
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