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Default Re: Do you get overheating issues with your GTX 280 ?

i was also one of the lucky ones with a faulty card:

XFX GTX280 XT (Extreme Edition) 640Mhz

it operated nicely at first, but after 30-45mins of crysis is started showing some artifacts, tearing and other odd visuals (red, purple, black lines, dots etc). to top it off, it freezed while the in-game sound continued and i had to finally force restart my system.

also it showed artifacts in atitool, but somehow ran furmark superbly for some reason. call of duty 4 also crashed when reaching around or above 80 degrees celsius, same like crysis.

i'm pretty sure it was a faulty card, nothing to do with my in-case airflow, driver, bios version etc. i RMA-ed it and got a new one which show none of the above mentioned symptoms so far.
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