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Default Re: Odd discovery with GTX280 and XWA working again

i got my gtx280 replaced since i had a 7-day return police from the the reseller. they didn't seem surprised, strangely enough. anyways, the new card runs fine so far, definitely better and more stable than the previous one.

mine wasn't even overheating that much, at around 80-85 degrees celsius at max load it should've ran fine regardless of in-case temp and airflow. but it still was too hot for the faulty core i guess, that caused it to crash. or of course, another explanation would be that the temp sensors arent properly installed in the first place, reading only 85 degrees celsius when in actuality it is much higher. or maybe, in addition to that, thermal paste or the general contact area was not optimized.

but i don't care. having paid that much money for a high end card i absolutely refuse to solve the overheating issue myself. i could of course use a 3rd party program to increase fan speed or downlock the damn thing if i really wanted to. but that is absolutely beside the point now is it?
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