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Originally Posted by Alaa View Post
What benefits do I get after learning C#? What kinds of software that get developed on C#? Finally, what other languages do you recommend?

You can develop GUI tools and web programs with C#. It is a very similar language to Java. Much less complicated than C++.NET. However, I recommend learning the fundamentals of OOP before getting involved too heavily with one specific programming project. I learned a fair number of concepts to use in C++ and Java from a course I took during my 3rd year at school, and these OOP concepts and fundamentals have helped me in being able to use Visual Studio. My main job doesn't involve programming, but I do a bit of programming as side projects, and I was able to use C# without too much trouble (and a bit of help from the people here) to create my own GUI application.

The biggest thing I can say when programming anything with Visual Studio, if you're not sure about stuff, put breakpoints and examine contents of the arrays and variables you're using (or objects, whatever kind of abstract objects you may be using).
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