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Volt can I ask for your personal opinon please?

I currently have the Creative Geforce FX 256mb 5900 Ultra, I'm still not convinced that I don't have the flickering or that I do, like I said when I was playing Vietcong I noticed the flickering when I was looking up at the sky, it seem to be more obvious when you are looking at objects or things that are lighter in games, you can't notice the flickering when looking at things that are dark.

So like I said I changed my hz on my 24" Sony monitor from 60hz which yes the eye can easily see the flickering too 85hz which now I can't really. But I think I can still see the flickering alittle when looking up at the sky in Vietcong but not very much and I do have too look hard to see it too, friends off mine with eyes that are not as good as mine can't see it although some can. It's just that when you pay out so much 410 for a video card you dont' expect any problems.

I'm going to install Battlefield 1942 now and download the latest Patch because at the moment the only game I have installed is Vietcong.

I have the option off returning my card for a full refund. If I do that then I will buy the Asus non-reference version which looks really cool it has a blue PCB Board and two fans with a cooper heat-sink. Do you think the Asus with it's two fans will keep the card cooler then the large one fan the reference card has?

Sorry this is so long but you seem to be any expert that's why I would like your advice.

Also I hope Nvidia fix this problem FAST! Or I swear I will never buy a card from them again, it's just too much money to spend on something that should be perfect that is not, I mean did they rush this card out? They must have tested it many times, so how did they miss something that LOTS of us seem to be noticing? I wondering if a driver update can fix this? I really hope so because overwise it must mean it's because there hardware is faulty.
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